Yongo Keibi English Sub

After a long time of absence, I’ve resurrected this blog to host the Subtitle Project for Yongo Keibi. I dared to do this project because of my deep love for Masa-kun. It’s my first time to sub a series and Japanese is not my first language so any corrections and opinions are very welcome in order for me to improve in doing this project.

I chose to keep the Yongo Keibi instead of No. 4 Security cause it’s the title of the show and I like the name. hahaha.

Do not re-upload or repost or redistribute   the subtitles that I made. This is made for personal use only. If you want to use the subtitles to translate to your own language that will be fine, but it would not harm if you let me know and don’t forget the credit.

Before you watch the series let me provide basics about the Security Level in field of private security in Japan. These terms are used several times in the series so it’s better to know it beforehand.

Level of Security:

  • No. 1 (Ichigo Keibi) : Facility Guards: They guard establishments. They can be in stationed or in patrol.
  • No. 2 (Nigo Keibi)Traffic Guards: They directs traffic through a construction site or other temporary traffic control zone.                                                                           Crowd’s Guard: They conduct traffic guidance, entrance and exit control to warn and prevent the occurrence of accidents in crowd. They can be seen in various events like festivals or concerts.
  • No. 3 (Sango Keibi) : They guard valuables while in transit.  They prevent any occurrence of theft during transportation of cash, jewelries, precious metals, art goods etc.
  • No. 4 : (Yongo Keibi): Bodyguard: They protect people who are at risk of being harmed.

The raw can be found here: 480p

English subs below:

Episode 1: mega


Episode 1 Notes:

Yellow:  Relaxed alert. No specific threat situation. (It’s a code in Cooper Color Code)
Shishimaru is a dog in Ninja Hattori-Kun


Hikikomori: reclusive adolescents or adults who withdraw from social life, often seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement.

OL – Office Lady is a female office worker in Japan

110 – emergency hotline for the police

Yongo Keibi Ep03

Yongo Keibi Ep03



Episode 3 English subtitles: mega

Raw: 480p720p (mega)

Episode 3 Notes:

Black Company:  is a Japanese term for an exploitative employment system. A typical practice at a black company is to hire a large number of young employees and then force them to work large amounts of overtime without overtime pay. Conditions are poor, and workers are subject to verbal abuse and “power harassment” (bullying) by their superiors.

Workers Compensation- I just used this to shorten but the whole term is Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance. It is a government insurance program in Japan. It pays benefits to workers (or their survivors) if the insured worker suffers injury, illness, or death due to circumstances related to his or her work related duties or commuting. More details here.

Oden-  is a Japanese one pot winter dish consisting of several ingredients such as boiled eggs, daikon, konjac, and chikuwa, soy-flavored dashi broth.

Showa – is an era in Japan from December 25, 1926 until January 7, 1989. It refers to the the reign of the Shōwa Emperor, Hirohito.

Heisei – Is the era from 8 January 1989 up until today. This era will end after Emperor Akihito’s abdication.


Review: Forget Me Not (2015)

Review: Forget Me Not (2015)





A third year student named Takashi Hayama, a regular teenager who  at one night accidentally bumped a mysterious girl with his bike. The next day he met her again on his last day of school before the summer vacation.


After a couple of meeting she finally gave her name Azusa Oribe. One day Azusa confided that she can’t be remembered by everyone that she meets. At first Takashi is hesitant to believe in but later on he’ll knew that she was telling the truth and that is start of his struggle to keep his vow: to never ever forget her.

“Everyone forgets everything about me.” 

What if you wake up one day and you realize no one can remember you? Not even your own family, your friends, even your classmates.

That’s one of the most terrible, even sadistic “what if” a writer can make up. Because that is probably on top of the list that people are scared to be, aside from not finding the love of your life or not being loved back, or not being able to eat fried chicken or having no Wi-Fi connection, being forgotten is an unimaginable scenario. That’s the reason why humans made tons of inventions to prevent that from happening, histories are all written in books, you may even have your own diary,  maybe on paper or with your online blog. You have cameras, phones, computers to guarantee that all your memories will be safely preserved. Your posts on social media are like records of who you are and your connections to other people. Being remembered, that is a silent wish that we all have. It’s a measure of your worth, a proof of your existence.

With that kind of plot I knew this movie is tend to be tragic and I might call myself a masochist for still watching it. The two main characters are so genuine that I find myself being drawn to their story. I’m not a big fan of romance genre worse if they will mix fantasy to it. But this film is different, it made me stop asking why, stop thinking about the logic and just accept it and believe to their love for each other. It will work out too, it will be difficult, even painful but maybe… somehow.. someday.


Then something triggered inside my head.

Love is worth fighting for but love is also about sacrificing.

But what I like to know is at what point will you stop fighting for your love??

I still don’t know the answers to that question but what I believe in is that it should not just be one person’s  choice it should be for the both of you.

Oribe Azusa I can’t promise that I will never forget your name but your great love story will always be remembered.



















It’s not the ending that I wanted,
but it’s the ending that has to be done.
It’s an ending that surpasses the ending of the manga.
It’s the ending that I accepted.
It’s the ending that I respected.

Masa-kun, you don’t have to be on the movie.
There’s nothing left to prove.
You’ve done everything and gave everything.
It was sealed, you are the best Light and Kira.

Now have a rest and get a new character.